Counterfeit Green Quackers

(7/2/98) A little over a month ago a mint green Quackers started making its appearance on the market, primarily in Canada. This Quackers is nearly identical in design to the Ty Beanie Baby Quackers,except for the color and the fake tags. Green Quackers is made out of the same material as Hippity, and comes with three different color versions of feet and beak -- peach, orange, and yellow, which in itself is strange.Some are trying to say that this Quackers is a "mistake" Beanie Baby made by Ty, Inc. While possible that Quackers was made at the same factory in China that makes authentic Ty Beanies, it can in no way be considered a "mistake," a "second" or even an "oddity." It is difficult to see how one small Beanie Baby can have so many huge mistakes on it. Instead, it should be called what it is -- a counterfeit Beanie Baby. In addition to the wrong color body, and varying colors of feet and beak, its eyes are larger and more protrudant. Additionally, the swing tag is the same tag used on the counterfeit yellow Quackers and which has the following errors: - instead of Ty, Inc. it says, "Inc." - instead of Ty, Europe, Ltd. it says, Europe, Ltd. - instead of Ty Canada it says "Canada" - instead of a birthday of 4-19-94 it says "5-20-97" - on the back of the tag the words at the top are run together without spaces between them. - instead of it says "http://www.cpm." The word Ty was accidentally left out and the ".com" portion was incorrectly spelled.


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