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Vote For your Favorite Beanie:
Beanies Birthday's:
Glory's Beanie Baby Journal:
The Sell/Trade/Looking for Section:
What Beanies I'm Selling!:
Kimberly's Beanie Baby Homepage(link section):
Beanie Accessories Section:
Counterfeit Beanies:
Counterfeit Splash:
Counterfeit Zip:
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What Is Updated!

9-21-98-Journal Section
9-21-98-Beanies Birthdays
9-20-98-Rumours Section
9-20-98-Beanie Accessories
9-5-98-Counterfeit information
9-4-98-Counterfeit Splashes
9-4-98-Counterfeit Zips
9-4-98-Counterfeit Quackers
8-29-98-Vote Section
8-29-98-What Beanies I'm Selling
8-23-98-Selling Section
8-11-98-Links to other Beanie Pages!
9-5-98-Counterfeit information

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