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Beanie Baby Offical Club

Ty has begun sending letters to qualified retailers for 
ordering the Official Beanie Baby Club Kits.
Each kit contains the following:

    136 Beanie Babies Official Stickers

    Beanie Babies Official Newsletter

    Official Charter Membership Gold Card

    Beanie Babies Official Checklist

    Certificate of Authenticity

                             Cyrk Chosen to Launch 
                           Beanie Babies Official Club 
                                   by Ty Inc.; 
               Ty Warner Makes $10 Million Investment in Cyrk

GLOUCESTER, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 13, 1998--Cyrk Inc. 
announced today that it has completed a partnership agreement with 
Ty Inc. to develop the "Beanie Babies(R) Official Club
" for the world's most popular line of plush collectible toys. 
In addition, Ty Warner announced that he had invested
 $10 million in Cyrk, based on his strong confidence 
in Cyrk's growth potential.

Ty Warner, founder and chairman of Ty Inc. said, 
"When we decided to create the Beanie Babies(R) Official Club, 
we needed a partner that could add to our brand's exciting growth and
could deliver a program from concept to execution.

"Cyrk's breadth and depth of experience in working with powerful 
global brands was key. Today,  all of our programs are 
very large and require a company that can execute in massive 
volumes. The Beanie Babies(R) Official Club will 
be an exciting new product for all of the Beanie Babies(R) fans
and promises to be a big hit. My investment obviously 
demonstrates my confidence in Cyrk."

Patrick D. Brady, president of Cyrk, said, "Working with 
Ty Warner and his team has led to the
creation of a truly exciting club for Ty's loyal brand 
advocates. The Beanie Babies(R) Official Club
kits will be available at loyal specialty retailers who have 
supported the Ty line of products. At these
Beanie Babies(R) Official Headquarters, consumers will be able 
to purchase a membership kit,
which includes the Official Beanie Babies(R) Charter Membership 
Card, the Official Beanie
Babies(R) Checklist, the Official Beanie Babies(R) Newsletter, 
a complete set of Official Beanie
Babies(R) Stickers, and a reply card for a personalized Official 
Certificate of Authenticity. The
membership also entitles the buyer to a special gift- with-purchase, 
which will be a giant Official Beanie Babies(R) Playland Poster.

"Ty's vigilant dedication to the quality of his products and 
to the creation of an exciting brand
experience has led to the establishment of a mega-brand and a 
powerhouse company. Cyrk's experience with major corporations 
and the world's largest brands, as well as the fact that we have
created the most successful loyalty programs in history, makes 
our relationship with Ty a formidable combination. 
Ty's current momentum can only be accelerated."

"We believe we will achieve excellent results from the Beanie 
Babies(R) Official Club product and
we look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with 
Ty Inc.," Brady concluded.

Ty Inc. is the largest manufacturer and marketer of plush toys 
worldwide. Ty products include a full line of plush, Pillow 
Pals(TM), Attic Treasures(TM), as well as the collectible Beanie 
Babies(R). Ty products are sold in finer retail stores and 
are easily recognizable by the Ty red heart logo.

Cyrk is a full-service promotional marketing company which provides 
agency services, and designs and develops high impact promotional 
products and programs. Founded in 1976 and based in
Gloucester, Mass., Cyrk is a worldwide company with offices throughout North America, Europe
and Asia.

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