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RUMOURS (updated 9-26-98)

#1 Ty may be starting to produce more Bears!
#2 Disney may of bought Ty out!!!!
#3 There may be 2 more sets of TBB coming out! One in October or in 
December anfdthe other next year in Spring!
#4 Ty Beanie Babies may be going out of style!
#5 Peace's embroidered peace sign my become a patch like the american trio, 
and Maple!
#6 People have been noticing Tye-died Pouches! 
#7 WISE the owl will be a limited edition! He will be retired after the Class 
of 98'! Watch him go like the 97' Teddy!! 
#8 Princess may not be on  the next order form for TY dealers!
#10 Ty may be coming out with a whole new line of Beanie Babies!
#11 Ty may discontinue the Attic Collectibles line so they can give more 
attention too the Beanie Baby production!
#12 Glory will be retired after the Fourth of July!
#13 There may be a hamster in the next release of beanie babies!
#14 Some of the new beanies may be recalled after conflicts:Rocky, 
Tracker, Stinger, and Fetch!
#15 Peace's and Rainbow's Fabric may be a pastel Tye-die!
#16 Pinky,Derby,Mystic may retire!
#17 Scoop a new beanie baby may be coming out, a white mouse/rat
with the same material has Seamore the seal!
#18 There may be a new beanie baby named Snowflake!
#19 There may be a new spider named creapy!
#20 Blackie the bear may retire very soon!
#21 Peace and Strut may retire in!
#22 KuKu may be in reproduction already!
#23 Princess may retire
#24 Their may be a new beanie naned C.J!
#25 The Hang tags may be changed to a maroon color!
#26 Magic with hot pink stiching can be worth more then the ones with
Dark pink, light pink, and white pink.
#27 Ty might join with Hallmark and make a TY Greetings set. It will 
include stickers, cards, etc.
#28 Roary, Bongo and Congo may retire in September!
#29 Pouch may retire!


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