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Thanks to Beaniemom Now I have some new info.

COUNTERFEIT ERINS It should come as no surprise to hear that counterfeit Erin Beanie Babies are now available. They started appearing in the Beijing markets about the beginning of April. Fortunately he is not as hard to determine authenticity on as Princess is. 1. The most noticeable difference, if one has another Erin to compare it to, is that the counterfeit is lighter in color (more lime green) than the authentic Erin. 2. Additionally, the counterfeit has the less plush fabric which "wrinkles" when brushed against the nap a common fault of many of the counterfeit Beanies. 3. On this version Erin, there is no swing tag, but there are some problems with the tush tag. The tag is orangish in color, the markings are indistinct, and the TM marking is shortened. 4. The shamrock on the fake is not as distinct as on the authentic Erin. On the real Erin, the shamrock is made up of three distinct hearts. On the fake, the shamrock has a fat heart on each side, with a partial heart at the top middle. 5. This particular fake has a green ribbon on it Erin is NOT supposed to have a ribbon. Even if he did, the ribbon used on the fake is too wide and single sided, unlike that which is normally used on Ty products. 6. The pellets in the fake Erin are not round. Instead, they are cylindrical with flat tops and bottoms which can be felt through the fabric.

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