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The counterfeit Bumble has 3rd generation swing tag and 1st generation
tush tag. Its major faults are in the design of the body, and the eyes. 

--The eyes are two-tone brown and black instead of small black eyes.
--The head is considerably bigger, almost 1-3/4" in length versus 1-1/4" 
--The wings are longer, about 3-1/2" versus 2-3/4" on the authentic
--The bottom of the body is narrow in shape with the tail section 
coming to a point. The body is actually kind of strangely sewn so 
that the top fabric curves under and forms a portion of the bottom.
--The tush tag has the wrong date on it -- it should be 1995
--The copyright symbol on the swing tag is wrong with the "C" bolded 
inside a very light circle

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