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The pargraphs below actually contains things that have happened to 
people I know. This has happened to them because they did not send 
this chain letter.

       One Day about 5 years ago a girl named Brooke was walking home 
from school with her hands full with books. She was walking very fast 
because she heard footsteps behind her. She saw her house and ran the 
rest of the way until she was inside. She realised that their was 
probably no one following her that it was her imagation. So she threw 
her books down went on the computer to chat and grabed a snack. She 
met a person over the internet named GoTo123. He said he was 14 and 
from Maine. This made Brooke feel safe knowing that he was far away 
from her. So she spilled her beans and told him about herself. She 
told him that she was 13 a female and her name was Brooke. She also 
told him which state she lived in and what school she went to. And 
also told him that she would love to do anything for him. 
After that conversation, she heard a knock on the door. She opened it 
and saw a middle aged man. He said that he needed to use the phone because 
his car broke down a mile away. She let him use it knowing that he was 
in some way lying.
       Finally he grabed her and asked her if all the things she said 
would come true? She said  what the fuck are you talking about? He 
said,"You told me that you would love to do anything for me, right?" 
he asked. So I would like to take you into bed right now and sleep 
with you. Brooke ran and screamed around the house until finally the 
phone rang....
     She looked around the house and nobody was there. She told 
herself to stop  it. It was probably just her imagtion, she remembered 
reading about that same thing yesterday in the newspaper. She answered 
the phone and said hello. " Hi," said a man on the other line, " Are 
you still willing?" She hung up and locked herself in her room until 
her parents got home. Then the police came and she described the 
person to them. "You know what?" said one of the officers, "This man 
killed himself and another teen girl yesterday!" Everyone just looked 
at each other.

  If you send this to 8 people plus the person who sent it to you, 
you will be protected from this horrible thing. If you don't send this 
a bad thing will soon happen to you or you're loved one.