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Beanie Babies Everywhere!

In my refrigerator, behind the milk and cheese There lives a alligator who says " Thank You" and " Please"! And underneath my underwear, below my yellow socks, A cute raccoon named Ringo hangs out with Sly the Fox. Oh, Beanie Babies everywhere! Beanie babies more! Beanie babies everywhere, they're knocking at my door! I open up my lunch box, and what do you think I find? A squirrel and a pelican driving me out og my mind! I go into the bath room just to wash my face And a beaver and an octopus are messing upi the place! I cannot get away from them, they're everywhere I go. A chmel ate my fathers coat, a lobster bit my toe! But luckly I have a plan to end this beanie war. My mother bought me a great big broom to sweep them out the door! Oh, beanie babies everywhere! Beanie babies more! Beanie Babies everywhereespecially on the floor! THESE LYRICS ARE 1 OF THE MANY SONGS FROM THE NEW "BEANIE BABY SONGS" Vol. 1